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Published on 29 Sep 2011
University of Ottawa
Political Science
POL 1101
Comparative Analysis
1- Single Case Study
Change in Time (Diachronic Analysis)
Situating the study in a broader theoretical framework to conduct an implicit comparison.
2- Multiple Case Study
- Similarities and differences between 2 or more countries at a specific point in time
(Synchronic Analysis).
- Comparing change between 2 or more countries (Diachronic and Synchronic).
-The more cases, the better the study.
3- Categories of Multiple Case Study.
A) Area studies: comparing countries with similar histories, culture, economic
development, religion, legal systems....
- Most-Similar-Systems comparisons: consists of choosing countries that are similar in
many ways allows the researcher to control many variables and facilitates the linkage
between difference in outcomes and its cause.
B) Studies Across Regions (or areas): comparing countries from different regions.
- Most-Different-Systems comparisons: consists of choosing countries that are very
different but where one common outcome can be found, and then looking for one of the
few shared features to explain that common outcome.
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