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Political Science
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POL 1101
Andre Lecours

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1- Some Perspectives: The Economy, Culture, Technology, Politics.
- Neo-Liberalism
- Americanization
- Interdependence
- De-Territorialization: The Compression of Time and Space.
2- Is Globalization New?
3- Globalization and the World Economy
- Free Trade and De-Regulation
- Fluidity of Global Capital
- Interdependence of Markets
- Global Financial Institutions
4- Globalization and the State
- A loss of autonomy?
- Welfare Provisions
- National Cohesion
5- Globalization and Culture
-Homogenization versus Differentiation
- Links between Culture, the Economy and the State
6- Globalization and Community
- Identity
-The European Union
7-The Anti-Globalization Movement
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