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Lecture 9

POL 1101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Claw Hammer, Securitization

Political Science
Course Code
POL 1101
Andre Lecours

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Pirates: State/ War Discussion
Max Weber - What defines a state from all other actors is the monopoly of the legitimate use of
Securitization Theory
*threat - emerge
- except Speech Act
- measures
Law of War - all about necessity. We have to kill because there is violence.
Law Enforcement- The police have to abide by the same rules as criminals
Laws of War: International Law? States sign up for standards.
Peace of Westphalia Whoever rules decides the religion.
When there is genocide. Any country should intervene. No one wants to mention it so they
have to.
Thomas Hobbes: State of Nature
First you will be motivated by fear; because there is no one to appeal to
We all give up the right to everything in exchange for something Social Contract
Do’t try Deterance
Big Dog Irratioal
AN UGLY WOMAN No Teptatio
Claw Haer Upreditaility
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