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University of Ottawa
Political Science
Daniel Pierre- Antoine

Studying PoliticsWhy Studyo Politics is a vital part of lifeHelps reduce conflict because large groups of people have differing viewsMakes decisions that try to benefit society by reducing conflictPoliticians have unique tough job o Helps understand surroundings What do people want What does the government provide How do we deal with others o Organizes people in social environmentsWhat is Politics o The study of power conflict and resolutionWho gets what When HowPolitics must allocate resources consider best avenues to please many o Associated with many negative connotations Politicians are pigs scapegoats politics is a lie act of corruption unnecessary etc o Its main goal is equality although it fails through controversy o Narrow definition What politicians do anything relating to power and governing conflicts between people and governance o Broader def Anything to do with collective life debates common good decisions o Democratic decisionmaking needed to ensure acceptable conduct no voteno right to complain o Public goods welfare safety freedoms depend on type of government liberaldictatorship o Political life is competition for goods money food power and nonmaterials imposing beliefsLimited distributed unequally divides social strata into rich and poor o Decisions enforced by laws military not natural relationship and affects social relationsSubFields of Political Studies o Political PhilosophyStudy of ideologies o Political InstitutionsPolitical regimes states rulers o Political Culture Behavior and SocializationHow people think and act politics o International PoliticsRelations between states o Public PolicyProcesses and decisions of government o Public AdministrationBureaucracyo Political EconomyRelationship between politics and economicsApproaches Used in the Study of Politics o What took placeHowWhyWho didnt benefitedHow did power changepolitics o Aristotle Politics inherently human because only we have logos o Political science is the examination of events governance of social units allocation of powerresponsibility relationships between actors o Analytical approach is the oldest and common focusing on empirical dataNot science because facts and values cant be separated causing bias o Behaviouralism 50s 60s in US focused on tangible and wanted objectivity with sci methodCriticized because ignored human values which always exist in real lifePostbehaviouralism works to improve o Structural functionalism Role of political structures and functions Effect of legislature judiciaryPart of systems theory system of interaction and how powerinfo flows o Political economists focus on relation between power and wealthDivision and Connection in a Changing World o Only thing certain is change o More people of differentsimilar political economic cultural lives are linked because globalizationParadox Know more about others but dont understand o More interaction with certain actors leads to reduced interaction with othersDomestic and International Politics o Borders dont divide nations o Domestic politics deals with internal workings of one country international is 2 countriesCitizens and Canada o Membership legal relationship to country coming with rights and responsibilities Political ConceptsPower o Social relation between two actors distributed in many ways o Capacity to affect decisionsoutcome of social interaction and ability to create hierarchy o Can be gained in dynamicactive way through war and economics or in static way through politics o Two formsCoercionHard power threat to use force exterior negative sanctionsInfluence Most common and important soft power through politics and mediaManipulation o Actor with power is lying ambiguous situations in PR spin manipulation for the greater goodPersuasion o Actor with power is sincere trying to convince its the best argument obstacles in own knowledge audience knowledge and access o Susan Strange Relational power making people do things vs structural power changing politicallegalsocial environment to make others cooperate o Intentions matter
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