POL1101 Lecture 6: Politics POL1101 (Class 6)

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Friday, October 9, 2015
Different types of state
Classical Distinctions
-Aristotle distinguishes between # of people ruling and who’s interest they’re ruling in
-Empire VS Republic (Roman)
Contemporary Distinction
-Democratic states: rule of the people; involving mechanisms for popular
participation&accountability and open debate
-Authoritarian states: Lack popular input of political distinctions, have government
autonomy from popular control
Types of Authoritarianism
-Absolute monarchies (ex. 17th France)
-Military dictatorships/police states (ex. Spain under Franco, Burma, Argentina
-Theocracies (iran)
-Oligarchic rule (Singapore)
-Totalitarianism *
State’s power is omnipresent
Single mass party along State’s institutions
Official ideology favouring social transformation, intent to construct “new man”
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