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Non-State Actors

Political Science
Course Code
POL 1102
Pierre Martel

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Who is able to Write and Implement the Globalization Rules?
-States are no longer alone.
-Economic Actors are structuring some elements.
-Civil society or “moral authorities”.
Private Governance... Meaning of private/ Public in Globalization.
-Media: 4th Power Economy.
Relations Among Actors
1) Contract.
2) Rules/ Norms.
3) Network.
Political Authority
-World of Sovereign States.
-In principle, NO authority above them.
-UN = Organization of Sovereign States
General Assembly: Only recommendation power.
Security Council: Decision mandatory only if collective security threat.
International Organizations
-Which Actors?
-How and where to classify them?
Transnational Politics
-The State: Usually central figure head in politics.
-In transnational world, also other political actors who are not states (International associations of
parliamentarians, Networks of local communities, etc).
-In the present context, States are the only non-voluntary political unit. There are roles that only States
can play (Peace, Order, Taxation).
Economic Actors
-Global dissemination: Coke, McDonald's and Ikea.
-Competition by differentiation: Control of diversity... integrated firms and subcontracting networks.
-Much of real economic activity is not “directly” globalized.
Market Authorities
-Among private economic actors.
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