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Case Study of Food Crisis

Political Science
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POL 1102
Pierre Martel

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Food Security: Resource and Market Issue
-Sufficient quantity and quality of food produced (By Extraction like natural biomass or By Production
from resources like seeds and land).
-Safety from pollution (Production Process: Agro-Industry).
-Two realities: Local and Global Markets.
International Concern for a Long Time
-International Organizations (FAO, WFP).
-Others like WTO and UNICEF.
Many and Varied Interdependence Dimensions
-Interdependence between human groups (who produces what?)
-Interdependence between the factors of production (land availability, water +climate, labour, capital,
-Human activity interdependencies (the issue of biofuels, land/forest, urban/ rural, etc).
Globalization Transformations
-Disconnection between land and consumers' purchase of farmland.
-Nearby farms no longer feed the city...
-Proximity, interdependency, transformation.
Supply Evolution
-Increased productivity to feed the planet.. the Green Revolution.
-Production process getting more and more complex (according to some studies, nutrient intake
decreases proportionally to the degree of processing).
-Land and water resource degradation.
-Reduction and/ or contamination of naturally-grown food.
-Rising cost of basic resources.
Right to Food, A Basic Human Right
-Article 11 (International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, entry into force 3 January
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