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POL 1102 G - Politics and Globalization - Mark Salter - 16 Feb. 26.docx

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Political Science
Mark Salter

3 questions to help the teacher on Blackboard: - How am I doing? - What can the teacher do to improve? - What can I do to improve? POL 1102 G - Politics & Globalization - Mark Salter - 16 Feb. 26 Diamonds • Tradition of giving a diamond ring was invented by the diamond company - Example of an invented tradition • Just like coffee, NGOs have beeing trying to combat the consumer part of the chain • Canadian diamonds are called Ice Diamonds - They’re seen as better as the miners for these diamonds aren’t treated as harshly as most • Source countries for diamonds: - South Africa, Angola, WestAfrica, DRCongo • Diamonds fuel and fund wars in Africa - not the reason for the wars, but enables them to occur Conflict Diamonds • Civil Wars - Angola (UNITA) - Sierra Leone (RUF) - Congo-Brazzavile - CentralAfrican Rep. - Cote D’Ivoire - Democratic Republic of Congo - Congo - 20% global production - 50% untraceable - Zimbabwe - 25% of global production • 1998 UN Security Council • 2000 UN GeneralAssembly “Conflict diamonds” - They defined diamonds as a commodity with a special label
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