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Political Science
Mark Salter

POL 1102 G - Politics & Globalization - Mark Salter - 01 Jan. 06 Academic Honesty & Plagiarism • Don't be stupid, don't even accidentally plagiarize • If I somehow can't think of any other way to say something, just quote it. • (author's name, date, pages) • Internet sources must also be acknowledged • Joe Biden is not president b/c he stole Neil Kinnock's speech, as well as stole parts of Robert Kennedy & Hubert Hoover, and plagiarized in law school • Jonah Lehrer plagiarized himself, his own work from a blog, in a journal article, and got kicked out of journalism POL 1102 G - Politics & Globalization - Mark Salter - 20 Mar. 12 Tactical advantages of terror • Weapon of weak: tactic in larger conflict • Asymmetrical advantages - Strategic attacks on non-combatants - Lack of distinction between soldier/civilian Strategic judo • American and Western primacy is based on - Open information - Open economy - Open discussion & democratic decisions - Mobility - Interconnectivity Return of the repressed • Religious fundamentalism poses a direct answer to the alienation brought about by globalization • It is also made possible by the info, telecommunications, & transportation revolutions that typify contemporary globalization • The impact of terrorism far exceeds the effort of the terrorism itself Soft Pirates & Swarms • They’re 80% of world’s cargo freight • Dramatic increase in shipping, decrease in cost - Efficacy; technology; policing • 2003: 411 attacks • Cost 11$ B/year - losses & insurance • Piracy hotspots since 2005: top half of South America, middle left of Africa, top-right of Africa, Straits of Malacca Privatization • Neoliberal logic says that the market is the best driv
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