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University of Ottawa
Political Science
Andre Lecours

The Liberal Party Historical background the natural party of governmentThe liberals have governed Canada much more than the Conservatives Political scientist used to say the conservatives need the perfect storm to winIts almost always the liberal partys election to loseGoverned a lot so it is the natural party of governmentmay contributed to the recent decline of the Liberal party of Canada The liberals are the middle of the road party and the party that best reflects Canada Historically the Liberals found its strength in two groups whose core was the same 1 Francophone always dominated Quebec and areas outside Quebec with a French majority and 2 Religion In the 1980 federal electionthe Liberals won 7475 seats in Quebec Appealed to French speaking population because of religion The strongest predictorof votes in Canada for the Liberal party was Catholicism at least up until 2007Historically the Liberal party was considered to be their party by French speakers because of the fact that early on the Liberals had a francophone and Catholic leader Laurier which did not happen in the Conservative partyAs the first waves of immigration came to Canada there are a lot of Catholics coming Irish and Italian and they become liberals right away If you come to the country and religion is important to you you understand quickly that the Conservative party is the Protestant party and Liberal party is the party of CatholicsLiberals thought that because they were the party of multiculturalism they could always count on the support of new Canadiansbut conservatives have made headway into this field Pre1980s there were 280 seat in HoC there were 75 in Quebec and you know they would win seats in Atlantic Canada and Ontarioso they dont need to West until now 1960s Liberal governments Pearson had an approach to national unity which was developed by the Conservatives in Meech Lake sympathetic to the recognition of Quebec The Trudeau visionRecognition of Quebec would threaten unity of the countryHad a well established visionlong term plan
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