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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 - Class in Canadian Politics

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Political Science
Luc Turgeon

Jan. 29, 2014 Class in Canadian Politics Key Terms  Social class  Class analysis  Class politics in Canadian politics Social class: a sociological concept • Wheat is a “social class”? - a grouping of people who have a similar position on the economy and related social status • Perspectives on class  Marxist perspective/Weberian perspective o Marx - confrontation between social groups. Society is divided between the working class (who sells its labor) and the capitalist class (who owns the means of production). For Marx, the interest of the bourgeoisie must be protected o o Weber – status groups ranked according to wealth and prestige (education) -the state has its own interests  Statistical/Analytical perspective – used to measure class (statistical tool that allows us to analyze groups)  Objective vs subjective class perspective (class consciousness) – ex: 40G-80G = middle class Problem: people in the working class who think they’re in the middle class • Two, three, four, five classes?  Bourgeoisie and proletariat  Working class, middle class, upper class  Nobility, underclass (lumpenroletariat), new middle class • What is “class analysis” (for an example, read Panitch)  Political phenomena as the product of unequal access to power, authority, and influence that are rooted in the unequal organization of the economy Class and Canadian Politics • No class politics in Canada? o The political system and parties are organized in such a way that people’s identity is their status in the economy (rather than religion, etc.)  Common argument in NorthAmerica: “We are not like Europe”  Culture o In Europe, culture is more engrained with social class  Education and social mobility o There is more social mobility in Canada  No strong working class party/class voting o Contrary
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