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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 - Gender in Canadian Politics

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University of Ottawa
Political Science
Luc Turgeon

Jan. 31, 2014 Gender in Canadian Politics Key terms • Feminism • Gender • Three waves of feminism • Three strands of feminism • Women in Canadian politics Key feminist concepts • Feminism:Adiverse of ideas, grounded in the belief that patriarchal societies have oppressed women and united by the goal of claiming full citizenship for all women • Sex vs. Gender o Sex: biological make-up o Gender: a socially, politically, and economically constructed sex-code that prescribes what it means to be male or female in daily life (characteristics attributed to each) • Systematic discrimination o Patterns of behavior, policies, and practices that are part of the structure of an organization which create or perpetuate disadvantage for women or minorities -creates barriers against certain groups being represented • Public vs. Private o violence in the home o women’s access to public matters First Wave of Feminism • the gradual expansion of women’s political rights across Canada o 1915 – women granted the right to vote in some provinces  Except in Quebec (1940) • The “Persons” case (1929) – Emily Murphy (social activist inAlberta) o BNAA– uses “he” to designate persons o Does not granted women rights and privileges o Supreme Court of Canada does not recognize her as a person o Judicial Committee of the British Private Council – recognize her as a person o She is able to run for office o 1957 – first woman is nominated to the Cabinet o 1982 – first female judge is appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada o 1993 – Kim Kimble (by default) -“elections are not a good time to discuss important things” -framing of Kim Kimble (focus on appearance rather than policies) • Extremely slow progress in the representation of women -focus on overturning legal policies against women Second Wave of Feminism • Expanded issues beyond the political sphere (personal is political) o Women in the workplace o Women in the home o Reproductive rights • Royal Commission on the Status of Women (Bird Commission) – 1970 o Florence Bird o Propose universal childcare o Discrimination in the workplace is prohibited • Mobilization around the Charter of Rights and Freedom  Section 15 – expl
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