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Political Science
Luc Turgeon

• Regionalism • Core-periphery/Metropolis-Hinterland • Western Alienation Regionalism • Factors that contribute to regionalism ◦ proximity and similarity ◦ ideas: regions are socially constructed ◦ discontent/alienation ◦ largely socially constructed (ex. why is Manitoba "western" and ON "eastern") Different Regional Conception of Canada • five or six regions? - Atlantic/QC/ON/Prairies/West Coast/North • Central, North, East, West Core-periphery • core QC and ON, rest dominated by that core • core as dominating central realm that exercises political and economic control over a periphery that is isolated politically, dependent, and underprivileged • core composed of ON and QC and the periphery as the rest • New and Old Canada (Michael Bliss)/ Have and Have Nots Economic Basis of Regionalism • different factors endowments ◦ difference in resources ‣ different interests created ◦ differences in access to markets ‣ ex. Toronto's success post WWII can be attributed to its proximity to the US ‣ ex. Western Canada's proximity to Asian markets ◦ economic policies reinforce those differences ‣ national policy: • after confed, choice: Protectionism v free trade; at the time explicitly favoured central Canada to the alienation of the West ‣ with west becoming richer, they now don't want to send money to the east Political Basis of Regionalism • domination of political institutions by central Canada ◦ representation by population ‣ always central Cdns in power, adopt policies that favour their interest ‣ no mechanisms of
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