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University of Ottawa
Political Science
Luc Turgeon

Patriot Rebellion and its aftermath  It was a fight for responsible government o Had own parliament but laws weren't being followed.  A lot of the leaders are anglophone. It isn't just about anglophone vs francophone  A number of people are hung, and a large number of others are sent to Australia.  The Durham Report will profoundly change the nationalism of Quebec o Durham wants assimilation o Objective of the french in North America is to survive as their own people, with language, culture, religion.  The tool to survive is to have a lot of children. The Revenge of the Cradle.  The Catholic Church became the main institution of French Canada; told women it was their patriotic duty to have a lot of children. French Canadian Nationalism  Bourassa o More liberal that the other men o Defends the church but more similar to what is happening in Ireland (critical of England)  Nationalism o Stresses the role of the church in French Canadian culture o Not based just in Quebec, stretches through all of Canada o One key objective: the action of Ontario and Manitoba who try to close French schools o Key vocation of French in NA: Not to be like greedy Ontarien french o Also Canadian nationalists in some way  Despair when canadians go to war every time that Britain goes to war  They mobilize against Boer wars as well as conscription in WWI and WWII  La survivance o There is almost xenophobia in there La Grande Noiceur: Myth or reality  Maurice Duplessis o Premier of QC for 20 years  Anthropoligists speak of Quebec as a priest ridden province. o At the time Quebec had the highest number of priestly inhabitants in North America  After Great Depression, much most of north america starts to develop social programs, but Duplessis calls it communist o Socialism evil:  Socialists are atheists  Quebec is an enterprise province  Quebec is called a folk society  Obsession with communism o The fear that communists are invading Quebec  Fear of immigrants that may threaten the language and faith o Anti-semitism  Huge strikes among the working class because they want to be unionized o Asbestos crisis  Unique Quebec? o Power of catholic church, power of anti-semitism o But discrimination did not occur just in Quebec. Quiet Revolution (1960-1966)  Election in 1960 o Liberal party of quebec wins: "it's time for change" is their motto  Key characteristics of relvolution o State takes on responsibilities that the Church was previously responsible for (social pograms, welfare, etc) o Transforming the structure of economic power-trasnfer it to more francophones in order for them to develop o Borader cultural changes  Ie, church attendance drops quickly over time  Today: quebecers have lower levels of church atendees in NA. Quebec is the most s
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