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L18 - Political Parties

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University of Ottawa
Political Science
Luc Turgeon

March 26, 2014 Conservative Parties  Significant changes over time o Names changes, branches, etc. • Organization, name and values • Progressive conservatives  Main opposition party • Opposed by French-Canadians, Catholics, and Western Canada (until Diefenbaker) • Tree important PMs: Macdonald, Bennett, and Diefenbaker  Key themes • Opposition to closer link to the United States (until Mulroney) • Monarchy and link to Great Britain • Mulroney era 91984-1993)  Promote closer relation with the United States  Unique (unstable) coalition: Quebec and the West • Reform Party and the CanadianAlliance  Opposed focus on Quebec, more socially conservative, more populist and mostly based in the west  Failed attempt at becoming a more national party • Conservative Party (2003-)  Product of a merger between the CanadianAlliance and the Conservative Party  Everything old is new again? • Canada’s new natural governing party? Liberal Party of Canada • One of the most successful parties in the world • Changing position over time  From provincial rights to defender of a strong federal government  From free trade to protectionism to free trade • Adifferent type of nationalism  Less focus on Britain  More focused on developing Canada’s own symbols • Strong support from Catholics and French-Canadians • History of alternative between Francophone andAnglophone leaders • Acentrist party  Borrowed historically ideas from both parties (economy)  Associated with pragmatism  Associated with national symbols • The party’s shrinking coalition  Gradual loss of the West and Quebec
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