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Social Policy

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Political Science
Luc Turgeon

March 7, 2014 Social Policy in Canada Key terms: welfare state, history of the Canadian welfare state, liberal welfare state The welfare state: government expenditures to ensure some minimum standard of living/protection from hardships resulting from unemployment, sickness, and old age. Types of programs: Income transfers: for example, employment insurance, low income assistance and pension Social care services: healthcare, long term care for the elderly, childcare Tax expenditures: money the state doesn’t get tax exemptions on Education Two key objectives: -Decommodification: originallyAnderson’s only objective Aperson can maintain a livelihood with reliance on the market. For example, if you’re really sick, there will be a program that will allow you not to have to go to work to survive. -Defamilialization Degree to which a household’s welfare and caring responsibilities are relaxed First steps, 1840-1890 In comparison to European countries, Canada is a welfare lagger. For a longtime, the role of the state was simply regulation, and it was the role of the church to deal with harity and not the state For example, Quebecers less likely to volunteer, as in Quebec it was originally seen as the responsibility of the church and people in the church. Ontario the first to adopt the EducationAct- made it mandatory for children before a certain age to attend school. Period of transition, 1891-1940 3 things 1. No massive industrialization like Europe, or the US a. Afterwards, in 1914, workers’compensation is adopted (Ontario): other provinces follow suit 2. First world war a. Many things contributing to welfare are wars i. Disabled soldiers, soldiers who died and left behind families. Pressure on the state to take care of them. ii. Disability and survivor pensions, old age pension, and “widows’” pension 1. Family allowances: check sent to every one based on the number of children they have as well as old age pension 3. Great depression a. Bennett’s new deal proposes starting a new assistance program i. Debate: whatever is in the constitution about social services is the responsibility of the provinces, but they don’t have the funds. Political movements Social gospel movement
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