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Political Science
Luc Turgeon

Interest groups and lobbying Key terms • Policy community • Lobbying Interest Groups and Policy communities • Numerous interest groups in a specific policy sector + Parliamentary Government = POLICY COMMUNITIES • Definition: “Loose communities that form for the purpose of shaping public policy, taking the form of discrete and specialized clusters of government departments and agencies, advocacy groups, politicians, corporations, and interested individuals” • Being part of a policy community means that a group is part of the flow of information o That relationship between government and interest group, it’s a two way process and the government will actively seek out interest groups Key Targets of Interest Groups • Bureaucracy o Bureaucratic discretion as key  They have a certain amount of discretion to use money that they have o Potentially beneficial for both groups • Cabinet o Also senior government advisors • Parliament o Not as important to lobbying as in the US  Because of party discipline it would be a waste of time to do so  There are financing rule that are stricter here then in US o Important for groups with less assess o Standing Committee on Finance • Other targets? o Interest groups will use the courts (LGBTQ) o You can also use the public such as the oil industry using public opinion to not put restrictions Lobbying in Canada • Any organized attempt to influence the authorities, now often performed by professional lobbyist firms. o There are two type:  Consulting lobbyist: they present on their behalves  In-house lobbyist: they devised pressures to get what they want o They will use both • Who are lobbyists? o Former politican and old staffers, they know the political game. Also former bureaucrats • Regulation of lobbying in Canada o Only started in 1989  We came pretty late  We then created a registry o Must be registered and include name of client, who is being lobby and object of lobbying within ten days of being hired  It must be done within ten days o Much lobbying is not being recorder however  It happens in bars, parties, and group meetings. All informal o Federal Accountability Act in 2006  Created new measures for lobbyist. Fromer politicans and staffers cant be a lobbyist until 5 years have past  Ian broady, was hired by a large lobbying firm and was used as an advisor after leaving Harper Lobbying in Canada (Dyck) • Federal level: 4 5444 registered lobbyists (2009) • Example of large firms o Global Public Affairs: Shell Canada, Vale Inco, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers o Hill and Knowlton: Bell Canada, Merck Frosst, Talisman Energy o Earnscliffe Strategy Group: Microsoft, GM, CIBC, EnCanana • Some firms will have offices in provincial capitals, protect the interest at all levels • Examples of former politicians/advisers working for lobbying firms: o Lorne Nystrom (NDP), now with Global Public Affairs)  The orange wave had its benefits o Don Boudria (LPC), David Colenette (LPC), Ian Brodie (CP), now with Hill and Knowlton o Robin V. Sears (NDP) now with Earnscliffe Factors accounting for success in influencing government: Group Characteristics
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