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Political Science
Luc Turgeon

Social Movements, Interest Groups and Citizen Participation Keywords • Voter turnout • Civic engagement in Canada • Unconventional protest in Canada • Interest groups in Canada • Peak associations • Social movements in Canada • Policy communities • Lobbying in Canada Why Lower Voter Turnout in Canada? • Voter turnout is lose by international standards • While other countries will have high voter turn out, they will be fined if they don’t • Some people won’t vote because there will be not chance of being represented or even win • Some have zero fate in the political system with increase criticism and lack of confidence Why Lower Voter Turnout Amongst Young Canadians? • Cynicism and lack of confidence • Young people don’t care • If they don’t vote in the first 2 elections then they won’t vote at all Unconventional political protest • Political activities that are not channeled through formal channels(putting pressure on the state through other means) o Moderate protest  Going against legislation was passed by a government o Direct action  Signing a potion, not buying a products, peaceful occupation o Violence  Breaking windows, throwing rocks, G20 in toronto • Protest activities in Canada • Explaining the rise of protest activities (read Nevitte) o Post-industrialism and post-materialism  The economic expanstion, there are more people who want to be involve in social polcies o Decline of deference  Canada can defy authority Violent protests in Canada • Oak Crisis in Quebec Political Participation beyond Voting: Civic Engagement • Civic engagement o Which is the different from a community involvement and volunteering • Civil society o Interest groups and social movements  I: business assoc
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