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February 1, 2013 Key Terms - Feminism - Gender - Three waves of feminism - Three strands of feminism - Women in Canadian politics Key Feminism concepts - Feminism: a diverse set of ideas, grounded in the belief that patriarchal societies have oppressed women and united by the goal of claiming full citizenship for all women. - Liberal fem- insist full citizenship = full democratic rights - Marxist- insist full economic rights - Sex vs gender o Socially politically and economically constructed sex code that prescribes what it means to be male of female in daily life - Systemic discrimination o Not something that is just the product of individual thoughts o Political institutions sometimes discriminate o Can be described as patterns of behaviour, policies, or practices that are part of the structures of an organization and which create or perpetuate disadvantages for certain groups - Public vs private o The personal is political o Relation between husband and wives are not purely private First wave of feminism - The gradual expansion of women’s political rights across Canada o Except in Quebec  Waited until 1940  Catholic Church was very conservative in Quebec o Occurred around WWI  Encouraged women to sharpen their political argument and become more involved  We often took the man’s place in the job market  We should be rewarded  Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta= 1917  All other provinces followed after - The Persons case (1929) o Emily Murphy o British North America Act  Persons= He o When Murphy was appointed to be a magistrate many people argued because the BNA was ‘he’  She won o Famous 5—challenged the constitutionality o Supreme court of Canada said that she can’t be nominated o Canada is still a dominion of GB – she challenged the Judicial Committee of
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