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University of Ottawa
Political Science
Luc Turgeon

January 18, 2013 Guest Lecturer—Quebec Politics - -french Canada before 1960s was a very catholic society - Catholic church was very influential o Many people took all their advice/thoughts/opinions form what the prest said on Sunday o There was a very formal role of the church - The church favoured traditional way of life o Promoted the notion that making money wasn’t the be all and end all o Economic activity such as labour etc wasn’t promoted o Home, family and the religion was o Definition of French Canadians were not first and foremost catholic and French - Where ever you were in Canada if you were French and catholic you were French Canadian Quiet revolution - Series of broad, quiet political changes o The old ways of thinking is no longer suited o This desire to change comes from some young Quebecers  Early 1960 1) The church - Almost overnight the church loses a lot of its power and influence in quebec society - The church is no longer part of politics - Quebec goes from one of the most catholic places in western society to one of the most secular - Religion still is a large part of French culture in Canada 2) Religion is replaced by language 3) The territorial nature of French Canada is re-defined - French Canada begins its journey towards - French Canadians outside of Quebec become removed from the politics - The major influence for change becomes the state 4) Quebec modernises - You need to go to school, you need a business, etc - Women find great emancipation o No longer just staying at home - Between Quebec and the government the relationship changes o Quebec government defends local autonomy o Not accepting of new federal social programs, just wanted provincial loans  Quebec needs to catch up o Quebec wants de-centralised federalism o Change in the relationship between the Quebec government and the federal government - 1968- Parti Quebecois created - 1967- PQ elected o Quebec nationalism seemed very anti-English o Wanted to make a country only for Francophones o Their message was that Francophones are still stuck in lower classes and there needs to be a fundamental change to free them of that o For a francophone who didn’t know any English, it was almost impossible to get a half decent job  English boss, French worker o Access to service in French  Using legislation on language o With the PQ comes hope for some and fear for others o One of the first things the PQ does is adopt bill 101  Makes French the only official language in Quebec  One of the objectives was very concrete • If you have to work in French now, this will help Francophones gain access to any type of jobs out there  Compelled QB residents to send their kids to French school • Also immigrants  Symbolic part of the legislation • In QB the
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