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Political Science
Luc Turgeon

January 25, 2013 Key Words - “Third force” - “Vertical Mosaic” - Multiculturalism - Visible minorities and Employment Equity History of Immigration in Canada - Encourage immigration to populate western Canada o But discouraged certain groups from settling in Canada (Indian and Chinese) o Overwhelming immigration until 1950 from Great Britain - Explicitly excluded certain nationalities from 1919 to 1967 o Two important Immigration Acts during that period (1919 and 1952) o We want French, british, etc o We can discriminate against Asians without family in Canada  Epileptics, homosexuals - Since the 1960s there has been a very high level of immigration to Canada Contemporary Immigration Policy - Adoption of the point systems (1967) o English or french? o Reletives? o Work? - Creation of categories of immigrants (1976/8) - Provincial responsibility over immigration o Quebec control over immigration o Provincial nominee program Canada and Ethnic Diversity prior to the 1960s - Emphasis on the British connection o Canada first movement - Anti-immigration attitudes - Policies that would haunt us o Internment of “Enemy aliens” during both WW o Refusal to admit Jewish refugees (and anti-Semitism) The Policy of official multiculturalism - Policy of Official Multiculturalism (1971)/Multiculturalism Act (1988) o Dyck:”Official recognition of the diverse cultures in a plural society; it involves encouraging immig
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