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University of Ottawa
Political Science
Luc Turgeon

January 23, 2013 Continuation of last lecture …. After the Indian Act - Section 25 and 25 of the Charter - Land claims policy, treaty renewal, devolution of powers to band councils - Royal commission of Aboriginal Peoples (1990) o Official apology (res. Schools) o Recognition of self gov. as a right under the Canadian constitution o More spending on programs o Creation of ab. Parliament o Guaranteed presence at the table when discussing a constitutional issue Key Demand: Right to Self-Government - Right to govern their own affairs - Product of section 35 - Unclear what it concretely entails o But related to argument for a third order of gov. that is constitutionally protected - What are the arguments for/against For o Only way to break down the dependency of the Ab. People with the fed gov o Only way to secure a land base that would secure economic self sufficiency o Would reflect the existence of different nations within Canada Against o Live in areas where the population is too small o Segregating indigenous people in Canada ? Contemporary Problems and Enduring Issues - Difficult negotiating over land claims o Nunavut - Canada’s recognition of its past treatment of aboriginals - Progress through the courts - Continuing socio-economic problems - Political division Regionalism in Canada Key Terms - Regionalism - Core-periphery/metropolis-Hinterland - Western Alienation Regionalism - Brooks: “A political identity based on a shared sense of place.” o Something that is politicised o ‘a sense’ o Not a natural thing o Has to be created o Why is Manitoba ‘western canada’ why is quebec ‘central canada’ ? o Must be based on some material and political things  Often it is politically constructed - Factors that contribute to regionalism o Proximity and similarity o Ideas: “regions are socially constructed”  Nations = imagined communities… regions are the same  o Discontent/alienation “Let the eastern bastards freeze in the dark.” Different Regional Conceptions of Canada - Five or six? o Atlantic provinces/Quebec/Ontario/prairies/BC/North o Eastern Canada/ Quebec/Ontario/West/North - Core-periphery o Core as dominating central realm that exercises political and economic control over a periphery that is isolated politically, dependent and underprivileged o Core composed of Ontario and Quebec and the periphery as the rest - New and Old Canada (Michael Bliss)/Have and Have Nots o New Canada- entrepreneurial, lower taxes, new economy, moving toward
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