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Political Science
Luc Turgeon

DGD #1 POL 2101 D DGD 1: Is Canada a Multinational State? What are the implications of such perspective? Canada is a large colonial country that like many other colonial countries has a diverse and unique heritage. This unique heritage is centre to the concept of Canada as a multicultural or multinational state. However, the true determination of whether or not Canada is a multinational state is much more complex than just regarding Canadian heritage. The multinational state defined by James Tully, is considered to be a, “type of free democratic society which includes more than one ‘nation,’or, more than one ‘member’of the society demands recognition as a nation or nations.” In agreeance with both Tully’s article, The “Problematization” of the Constitutional Identity of a Multinational Society by Struggles over Recognition; and the Royal Commission onAboriginal Peoples paper called Looking Forward, Looking Back, I believe that Canada is a Multinational State. However because Canada is a multinational state there is significant pressures on the state by specific historical minority groups that claim rights to a unique nation status within Canada. These claims to distinct nation status carry significant weight within Canadian politics as the distinct nation state often correlates with a decentralized government, self-governing practices and constitutional recognition of identity. In Looking Forward, Looking Back, the basic concept of Canada as a multinational state is discussed through the analysis of theAboriginal and First Nations position in Canadian politics historically and currently. The most basic concept that arises from this paper is theAboriginal claim to equality and the preservation of cultural values that have been disregarded by past Canadian governments d
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