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POL 2103 E - Intro to International Relations Global Politics - Joseph Roman - 24 Mar. 26.docx

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Political Science
Joseph Roman

• Everything on ecology is skipped - teacher commented, “global warming doesn’t exist” • Final exam: - answer all parts for all questions - 5 definitions (2 pts each, what it means, why it’s significant) - Write, “This term is significant b/c…” - 4 short answer questions > length for answers undefined - questions sent out on the April 8th, should receive by 9 pm > teacher will not answer questions after the 8th - no referencing to readings required for any answers POL 1102 G - Politics & Globalization - Mark Salter - 01 Jan. 06 A Crisis On Global • Financial crises are normal except when they turn into a global event • Most financial crises have been contained & regionalized • Should we be concerned? • Exogenous versus endogenous explanations are offered to explain what is happening Exogenous Explanations • Markets are fine - They allocate resources efficiently • Government policy is to blame • Market actors adjust their behaviours based on new info coming in • No such thing as a bubble b/c prices are always correct - look up short-selling (something like borrowing an expensive stock, wait for its value to drop, then sell it back at its new value) Endogenous Explanations • Financial crises always b
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