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POL 2104 C - Intro to Comparative Politics - Emily Regan Wills - 01 Jan. 06.docx

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University of Ottawa
Political Science
Mark Salter

POL 2104 C - Intro to Comparative Politics - Emily Regan Wills - 01 Jan. 06 - Teacher on campus every weekday but tuesdays - 2 pdfs will appear under the case studies, choose one of them to do, do the response papers for its due date - 2-3 double spaced pages, submitted to teacher’s office by 16:00 of due date - summarize argument, relate the reading to previous readings & conceptions, summarize & assess evidence, discuss implications - Revision option: I can re-edit a paper, re-hand it in to get a better grade. The better grade will be used. The original version must accompany the edited version. The revision must be handed in beforeApril 2nd. - Lateness policy: Papers handed in after 16:00 (electronically, as physical copies by then are impossible) lose 5% the first day, and 10% for every day after. - If I have trouble with citations, ask the teacher or someone. Teacher doesn’t really care what kind of citation style used. - Useful Resources: - Mentoring Cen
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