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POL 2104 C - Intro to Comparative Politics - Emily Regan Wills - 11 Feb. 10.docx

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University of Ottawa
Political Science
Mark Salter

POL 2104 C - Intro to Comparative Politics - Emily Regan Wills - 11 Feb. 10 Exam Info 100 pts - 3 sections - 1) text identifications (25pts) - a quote from a reading from this class - major arguments learned in class - 2) Case Studies (25 pts) - answer 3/6 case study questions - each question worth 8 points, 1 free point given - Demonstrate knowledge of what happened in the case study and link it to what is said in the lecture - 3) Essay (50 pts) - Given a news article on current events - not expected to know anything about it other than what’s on the sheet - using concepts learned in class, write on it, relating to what we learned in class - 1 sheet of notes permitted; if you develop your notes collectively with others, you need to have everybody’s name on the sheet - double-spaced, can be printed - Check blackboard later today for the official midterm info sheet Response PaperAnalysis Evidence: The Stickiest Point In The Response Papers - The author is making an argument. (This is what you are summarizing in the first bit) - That argument relies on both evidence (information about the world that is presented to you, the reader) & theory (a concept of what is important, what relates to what, & how those relations work). - What is the evidence on which the author relies? What type of evidence is it? What does it lack? Is it convincing? If not why? Justice as a Goal in Politics - What is political justice? - What are some mechanisms to get to it? - What sort of political systems increase or decrease political justice? - How can a concept of justice account for the fact that different places & times will have different accounts of what is just? Amartya Sen - Nobel Prize-winning economist & philosopher - Responsible for developing the theoretical groundwork for the Human Development Index - takes into account development indicators to compare c
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