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POL 2104 C - Intro to Comparative Politics - Emily Regan Wills - 12 Feb. 12.docx

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Political Science
Mark Salter

- Ask scott for notes, missed most of class due to lack of internet POL 2104 C - Intro to Comparative Politics - Emily Regan Wills - 12 Feb. 12 Civil Society & Claims for Justice Iris Marion Young - American political philosopher (died in 2006) - Major works were in feminist political philosophy & theories of justice - In particular, her work is concerned with how we account for difference in political life; given that people differ from each other, how can we build a society that both recognizes those differences & allows for collective action? What is Injustice? - Domination: “institutional conditions which inhibit or prevent people from participating in decisions & processes that determine their actions & the conditions of their actions.” (142) - Oppression: “systematic institutional processes which prevent some people from learning & using satisfying or expansive skills in socially recognized settings, or which inhibit people’s ability to play & communicate with others or to express their feelings & perspective on social life in context where others can listen.” (142) What Justice Requires - Self-determination: the ability to direct one’s own life (or the collective life of a community) w/o suppression. - Self-Development: the ability to develop an enriched life, including meeting basic needs, skills, & a fulfilling place in society Civil Society - Civil society is essential to assuring self-determination & self-development for people & communities. - However, civil society is not sufficient for ensuring justice for all. - Civil society is not a particular social sphere, space, or process, but a type of activity which can be carried out in a variety o
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