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POL 2104 C - Intro to Comparative Politics - Emily Regan Wills - 20 Mar. 12.docx

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Political Science
Emily Regan Wills

POL 2104 C - Intro to Comparative Politics - Emily Regan Wills - 20 Mar. 12 Midterm Results • Median score was a 71; mean score = 68 - Q1: 59 - Q2: 71 - Q3: 80 - Q4: 100 • Tips: - Think about exam structure: how are points distributed among sections? - Emphasis on synthesis: how do you put together ideas? - What is the question specifically asking? What are all the parts of it that are required? Final Exam • Twice as much time to do it • Not twice as much work, just more Understanding the Welfare State • Most info/notes on previous class notes file The Welfare State • Spending by states with the explicit purpose of providing well-being & better quality of life to citizens/residents. • Makes up a large portion of GDP in many states worldwide • Generally encompasses all social expenditures, whether universal or limited in targeting: - Health care (whether for part of the population or the entirety) - Old age pensions/disability pensions - Unemployment insurance - Income support/direct transfers of money to individuals Classification • By total expenditures (how much is spent on welfare state programs, and what percentage of GDP it makes up) • Evidence from the OECD countries suggests that industrialization drives increases in expenditures; however, this does not translate precisely to other environments • "No one fought for expenditures" - people's experience of the welfare state isn't tie to what the state spends, but what is provided to them & in what form. • By the state's political economic ideology • Liberal welfare states are more limited in scope; they tend to rely upon the market fo
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