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University of Ottawa
Political Science
Emily Regan Wills

POL 2104 C - Intro to Comparative Politics - Emily Regan Wills - 22 Mar. 19 What is Contestation? Revised Essays • Notify me, by email, by next Wed. that you will be revising a paper. You do not need to tell me which one. • Think carefully about which one to revise: it does not need to be the one you did worse on • Revisions should be carefully checked for spelling & grammatical errors (problems in this area should be graded more harshly than in original papers). Make use of the Writing Centre. • Papers should also aim to improve in all areas: a more precise, specific & brief summary (~0.5 page); using class texts (particularly those from the same session as the case study) to make specific points about the reading; clearly laying out why the argument does or does not work (agree or disagree); and having specific implications that go beyond what is written in the paper itself - quantitative/qualitative, empirical, data gathering method, etc. Contentious Politics • Actions taken outside of the state to try reach goals; generally done collectively with others either as a group or in the aggregate. Ex: protests, petitions, riots • They can make claims/demands to the state, make demands about the state, or treat the state as a 3rd party to their claims (which has the potential to be an arbiter). • Contentious politics correspond in part to the realm Young labeled political civil society, though they are not always as organized as her framework suggests • Notably, by definition, voting is obviously not contentious politics. However, one must remember contentious politics can easily influence voting. • If activism or any similar activity is supported by the state, these outside of politics activities are actually thus de-contentionlized, called co-optation Sidney Tarrow, Power in Movement: Social Movements & Contentious Politics • Examines how social movements (groups of people
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