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POL 2104 C - Intro to Comparative Politics - Emily Regan Wills - 26 Apr. 02.docx

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Political Science
Emily Regan Wills

POL 1102 G - Politics & Globalization - Mark Salter - 01 Jan. 06 Final Exam • April. 12, 9:30-12:30 MNT Gym A/B • Part 1: Text identifications (25 pts) - There will be a number of quotes from assigned non-case study readings from the second half of the class (after mid-term), you will select 5. For each quote, you will have to identify the author & the title of the test (2 pts). You will then need to explain what the quote means, particularly how it shows the author’s position on an important question of politics or how it presents a way of thinking about the political world (3). • Part. 2: Case Studies (25 pts) - There will be 6 questions, of which you will have to answer 3, based on the material covered in the case study readings from the second half of the class (after mid-term). In each case, they will ask you to relate material from the case study to concepts discussed in class, and write a paragraph-long answer. Each answer will be worth 8
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