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Political Science
Joseph Roman

March 25, 2013 Welfare state cont’d - Doesn’t mean that it has nothing to do with calss - It does revolve around income - A lot of this issues are bound off of class, but class might not be the primary motivator 3 Rules of welfare of capitalism - What do welfare states grant, modification, affects that the welfare esate has on families - Social protection-- #1 is the family - What is a private matter and what is a public matter - Does the onus fall on the individual or the market - They all say something about the relationship that holds between the states, markets and families - They all do act to provide welfare 1) Liberal Welfare state o Not very generous o Means testing  One has to qualify for benefits in order to receive them o Benefits are meager o Benefits are generally not provided to the mass public o Most middle and upper class pursue private forms of insurance o Status diff
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