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Political Science
Joseph Roman

February 25, 2013 1) Origins of the cold war, 1944-50 2) The onset of conflict, 1950-69 3) The era of detent and rapprochement, 1969-79 4) The third world and the cold war Origins of the cold war - Post WWII world would look like … o First looked at in the Atlantic Charter 1941 o Meeting between Roosevelt and Churchill o Predicated on liberal ideals – disarmament, no territorial gains … etc o The hope was that the Soviets would embrace this o Second look in 1944 o The something conference o This was very much a liberal vision of the world o Formulated the UN o The soviets, brits, americans and Chinese all formulate this o Roosevelt believed that if we were going to have this stable post WWII regime the soviets HAVE to be onboard o Even though the soviets and the US were allies they knew that something was up o The US knew that they still could not isolate the soveits – if they did it would promote their feelings of isolation o The UN security council was going to have to toe over its own forces o But there was still the recognition of the need for balance of power o One of the reason that the Americans included China was so that it oculd act as a check on the soviets o France was eventually included as well o Germany was the main sticking point for what the world would look like  Would act as the first sight for the flair up between the soviets and americans o The Yalta conference is held in February 1945  How would a defeated Germany be divided  Allied occupation zones • NW = Britiain • W= France • S= Americans • E= Soviets (including Berlin) o Potsdam conference  First time Stalin meets Harry Truman  Potsdam agreement declares zones of influence  Stalin and the soviets discover information about the Us’s nuclear bomb o Iran crisis of 1946  The Shah of Iran was known to have pro-german sympathies  He is replaced by his son by the Soviets  Signal of a soviet apetite for expansion  The americans tell the soviets to leave or be forced to leave  Americans start to get ancy in Euro o 1946 the Greek civil war breaks out  Americans think that Moscow is aiding Greek communists  Turns out that Moscow wasn’t aiding them and that they knew that they had lost Greece as a zone of influence  The fact that Greece was perceived to be going communist creates the domino theory  Eeeek o Americans feel as if Euro is going to become communist  Poverty  Disarray  France and Britain are completely exauhsted from war  As far as security goes things get pretty bad o
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