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Political Science
Joseph Roman

February 14, 2013 1) What are ideologies and what do they do? 2) Types of ideologies 3) The end of ideologies? What are ideologies and what do they do? - Very crucial—shape sorts of struggles that take place within the political arena - Galvanize people o Who might have the same values/interests/identities … - All political parties are formed along ideological lines - Typically the distinction is made along the left and right spectrum - Left=communism right=facism - We see a variety of ideological - Left/right lines are useful – help to organise and categorise people’s beliefs - This affects how we see left and right today o The more radical parties= left o Tradition= right - Always fluid o A lot of commitment to certain concepts change over time o Different things change over time o Because of this fluidity you have to make a distinction between thte actuality and ideology o Always affected by what is going on around them - Important to remember that ideologies influence each other to some extent - Can’t compartmentalise them from each other - What makes up an ideology 1) Ideologies always offer a view/interpretation of the world o Epistemology—how do we know things? 2) Offer empirical explanations 3) Normative prescription 4) Offer a plan of action Types of Ideologies - Conservatism o view society in organic terms o What matters are groups o Individuals do not really matter o Emphasis sticking to tradition o Believe that we should stick with accumulated wisdom of past generations o Open to change o  Just make sure it proceeds slowly o Pessimistic about human nature o Insist on social hierarchies  If you know our place you will have order o Inequality is inevitable o Free market—skeptical  If you look at how markets function they are inherently order busting  Arguments within conservatism about what should be done in terms of free markets  Canada had the red tory who did support the welfare state because they ensured order 
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