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Israel. But from this point of view, Kristol insists that the American Jews have often demonstrated their “political stupidity”. Traditionally, Jews in America and elsewhere have voted with the left, for reasons which were perfectly understandable. In the conditions in which the religious and nationalist right was often associated with discrimination or even persecution of the Jewish minority, it was natural for this minority to support the secular and cosmopolitan left. However, according to Kristol, if it made sense for Jews to act this way until the end of the second world war, Jews continued to act this way also in the last quarter of the twentieth century (80% of them had voted against George Bush in the 2000 election), and this attitude, Kristol insisted, is completely self-defeating for the Jews. For, Kristol argued, in the meantime, things have changed. On the one hand, Jews now have their own state, where they represent the majority. But their state is situated in a very hostile environment and desperately needs the diplomatic and military support of the United States. On the other hand, beginning with the 1960s, the left has become increasingly supportive of the Palestinian cause. Tat the UN or in the liberal media, the left often accuses Israel of racism and colonialism. Finally, there is one more change which has taken place in American public life, about which we talked earlier. The anti- Christian agenda of the same left which denounces Israel at the UN and in the liberal media has given birth to an Evangelical religious revival, which is becoming more and more socially and politically relevant each day. Or, as Kristol insists, far from being anti-Sem
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