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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 - Machiavelli's Discourses

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Political Science
Sophie Bourgault

Jan 20 2014IOrigins of political societies and cycle of regimewhich regime is bestCh 25Fortunaluck or fortune Stands for everything outside human controlMachiavelli describes her as a goddess that enjoys destroying menShe provides opportunities and heroes can only take advantage of these opportunities if they seduce herSource of destruction but also a source of good2 metaphorsFortuna as a river p 74 rises in the spring will necessarily strike hardest where there are no dikes to contain herDescribes Italy as a landscape without banks or barriersno protection from foreign invasionCalls for defenseuse peacetime as an opportunity to build strength and defenses prepareWhen circumstances change youll be ready to respondWe must adapt to changing circumstancesTwo reasons we are no apt to change1 mans natural inclinationcharacter is fixed2 past successes limits our willingness to change2 individuals that use the same strategy will have different outcomeshistorical circumstances dictate the outcome its better to be daring and bold than overly cautiousnd2 metaphorFortuna is a lady women want men who are not calculating and afraid but men who are bold 77 that is why she smiles on those who are youngP 87Fortuna picks and chooses her menIf she wants to bring about great things shell pick someone boldIf she wants to create chaos shell pick a twitEven with the best of skills you might not be able to achieve anythingMen can help fortune along but they can never resist itProphetic ability is important for a leader foresightwho is better The elite or the people P 156book 1 ch 58the people are better at foreseeing future eventsTrue republican regimes are better than monarchiescomparison
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