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Political Science
Mark Salter

POL 2108 A- Modern Political Thought I - Guy Côté - 02 Jan. 09 XVII-XVIII Century : - Reformation of the Church - Scientific Revolution - Invention of Print(ing press) - Discovery of the New World - Westphalia - Development of Capitalism Scientific Revolution The Renaissance: During the middle age, we have people likeAugustine, who try to do some linkages between Plato,Aristotle, & the Church. During this period, people were trying to do this very much. During the medieval age (aka dark ages), this period is characterized by no direction, just a rule by the Church. The Church is basically an empire, lead by the Pope, influencing the crowning of Kings. The Pope basically uses the King to defend the Church with the military. During the 11-13th century, the Crusades occurred. The Renaissance is basically the coming out of the Church, when the Church lost influence. This period is the first major threat to the Church. This period was characterized by the rational. Although still, people believe in God and He is still important, people are discovering laws in nature. These laws will become a source of stability and order. Francis Bacon wanted the King to finance science. He tried to convince the King that the harmony of nature and its behaviour are important in human society. In the relative context of history, Galileo radically proposed a new idea, with the help of his telescope, that the Earth isn’t in the centre of the universe, but revolves around the sun. This greatly impacted the society and helped shake the trust people had in the Church. The Scientific revolution, at the time, was institutionalized. Only the elite had access to its information. People were starting to switch from a faith in God to a faith in science. It wasn’t until the 19th century that people had access to its knowledge. How does the Church react? They say that it helps prove that God exists? They say the laws of nature come from God. He’s showing us that nature is in harmony with His laws. The Church is also threatened by the reformation and politically. Reformation of the Church The Pope is disabled politically and militarily. At a point in prisoner, the Pope(s) were prisoner until they were delivered by Spain. They had to leave Rome since Rome then was invaded by everyone. If the Pope was so strong, why did God abandon him? What’s happening? Why didn’t God give Rome the strength to defend itself? All of those questions that arose from the atks.At one point, the King of France said, “if we don’t save the pope and the Pope falls, who knows what will happen to Rome?” In 1648, with the Treaty of Westphalia, we’re gonna talk about Sovereignty of the State. No state can get involved in another state’s affairs. (Search up Rotius/Rotias) If you make a little sin, the Church makes you
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