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Political Science
Mark Salter

POL 2108 A- Modern Political Thought I - Guy Côté - 10 Feb. 06 More Spinoza - Perhaps most complicated philosopher this semester - Nature is not separated from humans - Nature transcends humans, but we live with it - gives us laws - Nature is an infinite and eternal substance - Ex:Apen is falling due to an external cause, gravity - To him, nature is that can’t be explained due to an external cause - This would be hard to explain today, as anything in nature can be modified today - To him, God = Nature - To him, everyone else prays to the wrong God. - It is our nature to reproduce - The 10 commandments are artificial = his problem with the Church - He thinks only rules we have to obey in life are the laws of Nature - The only way to access Nature/God is through philosophy & reason - Laws of nature are hard to understand - So how would Spinoza think about us flying today? - Our reality comes from Nature - We can find a several number of causes for anything in nature - He thinks similarly to Descartes - They both think we need math to understand nature - We both get our powers from nature and the powers are thus also limited by it - i.e. Nature is the only thing that can forbid us from doing something - Only to what we don’t desire naturally - Ex: In Spinoza’s time, people didn’t want to fly, and it wasn’t natural. Therefore, in his time, flying w
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