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POL 2108 A - Modern Political Thought I - Guy Côté - 12 Feb. 13.docx

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Political Science
Mark Salter

Final Essay - No specific subject - could be analysis of a studied philosopher - of a concept (Ex: Democracy) - analysis of what a philosopher would think about a modern political object - Feb 27 - give the research question & subject Ex: Sub: Bacon’s concept of science, RQ: In what way does today’s idea of science differ from his? - Not a descriptive/stupid question, “What does Bacon say on science?” We already know this, talked about it, so it has to be an analysis. - Be careful of “comparison” questions, ill-advised - Research essay date not known yet - We can refer to philosophers not covered in class - Intro (¾ page) - Explain subject, what i’m gonna talk about, my research question, hypothesis (i think the answer to my question is…), brief outline of what my essay’s gonna talk about - Historic/Context/Background (1.5-2 pages) - Situate context for a more comprehensive of his definition of science - Arguments - Some subtitles - Ex: 3 subtitles - Science today seen as a social activity - Cultural studies that it’s impossible to be objective - XXXX - Conclusion POL 2108 A- Modern Political Thought I - Guy Côté - 12 Feb. 13 - Bacon wrote The New Atlantis - unfinished, he died before finishing it - he partially explains his political philosophy, the relationship between the political and science - written like a story, a narrative with a plot - In his story, there’s no tension between the house of the King and the government, they work together, hand-in-hand, as opposed to the cultural context Bacon lived in, the Civil War - narrator is a ship, leaves from peru heading to japan, but the winds are blowing the opposite way, so they drift, no land anywhere, people getting sick, food running out, unknown sea, they see an island. The island is named Basalem. They’re about to come to the island, but before they land, the inhabitants on the island tell them to not come yet. They stop the boat, and the inhabitants send 2 boats to them with a couple inhabitants giving the conditions for coming onto the island. The conditions are: we’ll take care of your sick, feed you, etc. It seems like paradise, but if they do leave the island 40 days later, they are NOT allowed to talk about the island to anyone. They accept the condition. Subsequently, a relation between the state and the people on this island is Bacon’s interpretation of science and the state. The inhabitants somehow know about all of the world’s cultures, know multiple languages, etc. How did they know these things w/o travelling? Also, they all happen to be Christian. How did they k
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