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There are no exams in this class. If I have to read the Leviathan, concentrate on only Book I. Choose 2/4 questions for this take home: 1) How would you describe Human Nature, drawing upon authors (Machiavelli, Hobbes, Calvin & Luthor, etc.)? 2) According to machiavelli, what is politics? 3) According to Hobbes, the state of nature is characterized by natural law and passions (self-preservation), which forces humans to seek security in the constitution of a society. Does the contemporary society/political regime still constitute a refuge guaranteeing security and self- preservation? 4) Where do you stand in the debate concerning relations between the state and the Church? Do you agree with Calvin & Luthor’s conception of the partnership of the state and the Church or the obeysien(?) conception that the Church should be amalgamated to the State. Explain your position. - The answer to each question 4-5 pages, double spaced, - answer with my own opinion when applicable - use existing literature to back my arguments (the texts in the syllabus/dropbox/ other credible sources) - write as an essay - any citation style is ok, he doesn’t give a shit - Feb 13th due date, handed in class - First-person use is ok (using “I”) - amount of sources not important - not too many citations, teacher wants our own opinions - Don’t quote the teacher POL 2108 A- Modern Political Thought I - Guy Côté - 08 Jan. 30 Calvin & Luthor From these guys, they don’t have a proper document on their thoughts between the Church and the State. Both of their messages are essentially the same thing. John Calvin (1483-1546) & Martin Luther (1509-1573) are reformers (reformers of the Catholic Church). They’re kinda the founders of the Protestant Christianity. They say that the reformation of the State includes central affirmations of politics and the State. You need to reform politics in order to reform the Church. What they’re not happy with: - The pope: They don’t agree with the fact that the pope is mixing up the secular state with the heavenly kingdom. The role of the pope is criticized by both of them. - The system of indulgence: Neither accepted this. It’s impossible to talk about some of the affirmations of politics by the 2 authors w/o talking about theology. Human nature, according to the 2, is basically that humans are wicked and helpless. Nothing that comes out of a human is good. If there’s good actions done by the person, it’s that he was influenced and inspired by God. Mankind is characterized by total depravity. Humans are corrupted.According to the 2, there’s absolutely no link between the money you give to the Church and redemption (buying your forgiveness from god, system of indulgence). They say that there’s nothing you can do on Earth to get redemption. Forgiveness by God cannot be won or earned by anything, nor can it be achieved by yourself. The Only way we can do good things or have some kind of forgiveness is through faith. Faith is a gift from God. You don’t build it yourself. We are too bad to even have faith on our own, so he gifts us faith. Remember in this time period context, humans are nothing. We can’t think on our own, do anything on our own, it’s about the obedience to the state or the Church. The basis for their concep
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