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University of Ottawa
Political Science
Mark Salter

The previous take-home notes: • avg is B • next take-home question given next week • advice: always reference, back up arguments - (Last name, (Book’s name if author has multiple books), p. #) • advice: be consistent with referencing style • advice: make sure to answer the damn question • advice: avoid filler text (even in intro), get to the point in paragraphs • Red ink = TA Davin (?) corrector • A.C. = TAAndy corrector • Adam also a TA corrector • Green/Black = Teacher corrector • Next week/class we’ll start on Hume POL 2108 A - Modern Political Thought I - Guy Côté - 17 Mar. 04 Locke • his basis of his political philosophy = money changes everything - the capability to exchange perishable goods for things that didn’t perish (money) changed everything • the commons was slowly disappearing (commons = the goods that everyone shared, Ex: apples) - now people obtain more apples than necessary for their individual survival, to sell to others, making apples rarer - a result of the invention of solid coins (money) • Now money is more important than ever, to obtain as much property as possible - resulting in inequalities - more money = more property = more power • The inequalities of power/economy promotes violence, which then promotes a government to help protect private property, this is the reason why people come together in a society - Life, liberty, & estate (property) are all reasons why we would form a society - this is where he agrees with Hobbes • However, he disagrees on the form of government with Hobbes. Locke doesn’t agree with an absolute Monarchy, since the citizens will still live in fear and will feel vulnerable to the monarch. - Also, he disagrees about Hobbes’ idea of private property, about the fact that th
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