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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 - Literature Review

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Political Science
Stephanie Mullen

Nov. 13, 2013 Literature Review Literature Linked to Theory  Revisiting Step 1  Causal model, Definition and indications come from literature review  Literature review comes from our political theory  Remember the link before you begin searching the literature Forms – Creating a Database of References  Title  Authors  (For an article) Journal name, volume, issue, page numbers, date:  (For a book) Publisher, city, date:  Summary (sample, methods, variables, questionnaire items, findings):  Direct quotes (with page numbers):  Your opinion (strengths, weaknesses, etc.): Books  Search by subject (dependent variable)  Search by Boolean connectors – and, or, not etc  Don’t forget about interlibrary loans  Government documents – uOttawa is a depository Scholarly Articles  Books and reference works are useful, but most contemporary social science research is found in professional journals, most of which are published quarterly  Scholarly journal articles and those in news and opinion magazines are indexed in a variety of paper and online periodical indexes  Searched by subject, author, or title  Consult Political Studies Library Homepage for hints and tips Other search engines you can use to locate articles:  Social Science Index  American Political Science Review  The Economist  Public Affairs Information Service Bulletin  Readers’ Guide to Periodical Literature  Times  New Republic  National Review Web Sites  Efficient method  Scholarly articles and news articles are found online  Careful with authenticity – lots of fakes out there Databases  Most recent development in library research has been the increase vailability of full-text material online  Uncover and EBSCO are two examples of bibliographic databases that facilitate searches and provide full-text copies of publications  Many professional journals, through services such as JSTOR (Journal Storage) and Projec Muse, now also make the full content of articles available online to subscribers (uOttawa students)  Another widely used full-text database is LEXIS/NEXIS Academic Universe, designed for legal research with the goal of targeting large law firms and libraries…it also includes the most recent issues of newspapers and magazines, as well as television and radio transcripts from all over the world. Dictionaires & Bibliographies • Bealey, Frank. The Blackwell Dictionary of Political Science: A User’s Guide to Its Terms. • Chandler, R.C., and J.C. Pano, Public Administration Dictionary. • Collin, P.H. Dictionary of Government and Politics. • Elliot, J.M. and R. Reginald. The Arms Control, Disarmament, and Military Security Dictionary. • Plano, J.C. et al. The Dictionary of Political Analysis. • Riff, M.A. Dictionary of Modern Political Ideologies Encyclopedias • Usually contain articles that contain useful background material on general subjects. • Almost always include a bibliography and a list o other related articles that are contained in the same volume. • Goodin, R.E et al. A New Handbook of Political Science. • Greenstein, F.I. et al. Handbook of Political Science. •
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