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pol 2156 lecture 1

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Political Science
Stephanie Mullen

Sept 10 2014ResearchProfessional Ethicsobjectives slides include past exam questsocial science has had a pretty bad run when interacting with humanswhen is a space private or public ex public bathroom the stall the street or being studied in your carresearching those who are involved in the criminal justice systemdo they know they arent getting time off or paid or special treatmentempowering participantsresearch whatever you want just do it ethically and have ethical considerationspower relationshipphysical safetythink about different scenarios and the outcomeslegal actionsany changes or amendments you make have to go through the ethics board once your proposal has been sent if you follow the guidelines and what the university approved then they will cover any legal costs informed consent is a key pillar and must always be with you or interview can be deemed unethical it is important to protect yourself and know what can be tolerated stigmaresearching 911 and presenting a year after the fact specific war researching a rightwing or fascist party and be labeled a fascist or Nazi etcconfidentialityany information or transcribed interviews are kept private or locked upanonymitywhether or not to name source however this does not affect confidentiality have to be careful if you guarantee it using he she can out the person do not mention the provin
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