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L11 - Gender in Politics

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Political Science
Modeste Mba Talla

Gender and Politics in the Developing World: Making a Difference I – The Gender Gap in Political Empowerment  Women’s voices have been ignored, and women have been cast to the sidelines  Women have less of an impact on public policy and political institutions in the developing world  Most importantly women have less descriptive representation than men, meaning there tend to be far fewer women than men in positions of political power  On average, women made up less than 20 % of national legislature  In the middle East just 9% of legislators are women  South Asia the figure is just 10%  Sub –SaharanAfrica 17%  LatinAmerica 18%  EastAsia 20%  The gap in women’s descriptive representation does not stern from unequal voting rights  Illiteracy and low education levels can make many women hesitant to vote  Women are also less likely to stand for political office because they lack the professional background and financial and time resource to do so II – Women’s Movements  Barriers to formal political office notwithstanding, women throughout the developing world have formed women’s social movements to pressure for policy and social change , and the number of these movements has exploded in recent decades  One of the most famous movements was the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo: a group of mothers in Argentina who formed in 1977 to protest the disappearance of their children by the military dictatorship: They were weekly in front of the military palace to silently mourn and draw attention to the regime’s brutality and their kidnap
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