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Lecture 7

POL 3126 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Family Values, Liberal Democracy, Goran Bregović

5 pages50 viewsWinter 2015

Political Science
Course Code
POL 3126
Tamara Kotar

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YouTube, Goran Bregovic – Djurdjevdan
Kathleen Wynne’s campus visit
Lean In
Hilary’s email
Institutional Barriers
The rules of the game and election design
Proportional representation is clearly better for women because in FPTP, parties are
concerned about nominating women because they see it as a disadvantage (it could be)
Gender quotas – does it help or hinder women in politics? Does it build a solid
foundation for equitable legislatures with gender distribution, or does it degrade women
through tokenism?
Where are women most likely to be elected head of state/government? Ilene McDunna
-in politically systems that combine traditional and modern features (tight connection
between state and family with guarantee for electoral processes and electoral right)
Cultural Barriers
Cultural norms or attitudes to the idea of women in politics
Solutions – convince more women to run, reform the rules of the electoral game
Age plays a role in how women in politics is perceived
Female candidates win at equal rates to male candidates
It’s a myth that electing women gives parties less of a chance to win
There are just much fewer female candidates
oWhat are women’s policies?
Where do you draw the line?
Women’s policies benefit everyone, not just men :P
Reproductive rights
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oWhat are the expectations of women in policy making roles? (What ideas are they
expected to forward, how are they expected to act, are there different expectations
when they’re running vs. when they’re in office?)
Walking a fine line between being too feminine or too masculine
Higher ethical expectations
Male policies – finance, economy, military, etc.
Disagreements with a female politicians policies inevitably lead to a straw man
Presentation – the position of First Lady in the USA
How the role is perceived
-domesticity (a glorified house wife)
-popular opinion (the focus on the wives of presidential candidates)
Would this focus occur for First Gentlemen?
First ladies rarely keep their career (even though they are well-educated)
Presentation – the representation of women within House of Cards
A study of the representation and portrayal of women in political leadership roles within
film and television
Diversity of women - over the age of 50, visible minorities, etc.
Almost all female characters flaunt their sexuality
Women almost always have less political clout
Impact of Female Legislators
Enemies of Happiness - woman banished from the assembly for discussing war lords in
the Afghan parliament
Paths to Political Office
Familial association – Gandhi’s wife, Endira
Male relative who held a high position (husband or father)
Political insider – most successful path for women seeking office
Political outsider – least successful path for women seeking office
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