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University of Ottawa
Political Science
Emily Regan Wills

1. Yes it is part of new institutionalism because it was able to give individuals a voice within the municipal government of New Heaven. However, these ethnic ties are still predominant today because they forced change upon the government and forced them to change. 2. At the bases the municipal government of New Heaven was a vertical structure but because of the ethnic ties that there’s been a shift in the power of all the ethnic powers. They seem to all have a legitimate power within government. • Path dependence means that if you’re looking at a full range of possible starting places for what you might do and an early decision is made in the beginning of the process. • For instance once someone decides you have a federal government, every decision you make will have to take into account the decisions of States. There’s no way of “destroying” federalism unless the constitution is “Set on fire”. • Institutions tend to do things they have done before. Stability if the norm and instability is the exception. • New institutionalism is compatible because a city is an institution. The way immigrants were incorporated into the politics of new heaven was that they were incorporated into new institutions. They did not make new institutions; they did not make new structures of incorporation. They found a home within the Party Structures. Their movement into city government was within the institution itself. They could admit new individuals and continue to grow. The methods for bestowing these benefits are realized through working with these institutionalism structures. They do not have a set of free choices as to how things must be done. Institutionalism created itself with merely thinking of individual actors but rather how the committee structures work and how senioriti
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