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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 - Survey Research and Sampling

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Political Science
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Ivan Katchanovski

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Jan. 24, 2014 Survey Research and Sampling Survey Research • Amajor method of quantitative research • Used in CSL or Political Science group research project • Advantages - test political science theories, what people believe, etc. • Disadvantages – inability to collect the desires sample, etc. • Examples -Textbook surveys -World Values Surveys (different countries, Canada, etc.) -survey research in Russia Designing Survey  Research question and/or hypothesis o Examples: How confident are Canadians about the federal government? o Canadians have high confidence about the government.  Selecting sample  Questionnaire o Language/languages  Type of survey  Pilot testing Population and Sample  Population: all cases about which one seeks knowledge o Population of Canada (35 million) o University of Ottawa students o Etc.  Sample: people/elements selected for investigation o Sample of Canadians o Sample of University of Ottawa students o Primarily used in survey research Samples  Representative sample: a sample containing the essential characteristics of the population  Probability sample: a sample selected using a random process such that each element in the population has a known probability of being selected  Weight: makes a sample representative when there are small deviations o Example: many samples in World Values Surveys Non-probability Sampling  Convenience sample o Participants/respondents are selected based on their convenient availability Ex: students in this class  Snowball sample o The researcher makes contact with some individuals, who in turn provide contacts for other participants Ex: sometimes students who participate in survey studies are asked on come up with the names of some non-students who may be willing to participate  Purposive sample o Non-random selection of participants/respo
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