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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 - Measures of Association in Cross-Tabulation Analysis

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University of Ottawa
Political Science
Ivan Katchanovski

Feb. 7, 2014 Measures of Association in Cross-Tabulation Analysis  Measures of Association provide information about: o Strength of relationship between variables o Direction of association (ordinal or interval-ratio variables)  Cramer’s V o Most appropriate for nominal variables o If you have a nominal and ordinal variable, use Cramer’s V  Gamma o Appropriate for ordinal variables Criteria of Strength of Association  Cramer’s V o Varies between 0 (no association) and 1 (perfect association)  Gamma o Varies between -1 (perfect negative association) and 1 (perfect positive association)  0: no association  0-0.1: weak association  0.1-0.3: moderate association  0.3-1.0: strong association Direction of Association  Direction of the association (for ordinal or interval-ratio variables) o Positive association: relationship where the variables vary in the same direction • Example: positive association between income and education level o Negative association: relationship where the variables vary in opposite directions o Important to check what higher and lower values in variables actually measure Example Table 1. Confidence in television in Canada by education level, World Values Survey, % Less than university University Agreat deal 6 3 Quite a lot 35 27 Not very m
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