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Political Science
Tyler Attwood

Friday June 28th How was the national industrialization strategy of the Development Project (DP) also international? • Continuation of the colonial changes • It was expected to be a series of projects funded by the IMF, WB and the GATT. We have the international political element. • Transfer for knowledge and technology.An international linkage was the capital needed for industrialization. This was found extrernally for the most part via racking up debt to pay these experts. • What were the key ingredients of the DP? • Exports of the food sources started to be manufactured by the developped countries towards th developping countries. • The effect of this agrarian reform and the effects of this on the creation of a large urban population in the developing world. We have a large quantity of cheap food of labour that is on low-wages in the context of free-trade and more capital spending. • Development is created through inequalities. Rural, ethnic and gender inequalities • What was the international framework of the DP? • The Marshall Plan legitimized the use of development. The Marshall Plan was also used as deterring individuals from going towards communism and the USSR. It let those countries know USAand the capitalist system would be there for them. • Bretton Woods system also represent parts of the international framework. • How did the reality of foreign aid patterns dispel the universalism of the DP? • Handful of countries received the bulk of US ForeignAid but not all. • How did the BW system institutionalize the DP as an int’l project? What were the impacts of the Cold War and TW demands? • How was the international division of labor ‘remade’as a result of the DP? • How do the NICs show two sides of the DP? • They showed two sides of the development project: they display the success of the development project with economic growth. • But because it was only a few countries that benefitted from foreign aid that this was a flawed system since not all countries managed to succeed. • This also challenges the universality of the project. • Why did commercial agriculture concentrate in the FW and manufacturing in the TW? What was the relationship between those two trends? • The relocation of production was facilitated by the availablity of cheap labour. This
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