PSY 1101 Lecture Notes - Cyp2A6, Psy, Mirror Neuron

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Effects of drugs and learning: influences on drug use. Age - adult starts drinking --> 10% chance addiction; teen starts drinking --> 43% addiction. 2x more addictions among men; not entirely sure if because of biological component or social. Bottom line: genes are not destiny, we make our own choices, and gene vulnerability does not mean inevitability. Major transitions in life (divorce, break up, school, etc. ) could bring about turning to alcohol/drugs. Culture belonged to (religious groups) - survey states that black teens are less likely to drink/do drugs. Experiences reported by people clinically dead then revived, or people who experienced severe trauma and almost died but recovered. As though floating out of body and tunnel vision - moving in a dark tunnel, bright light in middle, blissful but some have terrible emotions; see dead loved ones, maybe religious figures. Floating out of body - explanation: physiology (brain dying); or religious reasons (spirit leaving body and going to heaven).