Chapter 6 - Sensation and Perception

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In order for sensation to happen we must: detect a specific form of energy in the physical world. transduction: the translation of physical energy into a message the brain can understand ex. sound wave. Sensory receptors: highly specialized cells in the nervous system that detect the physical energy. perception: when the brain takes the information and organizes it then integrates it and interprets it in a meaningful way. bottom-up processing: the processing of incoming raw data. top-down processing: filter information through your expectations. prosopagnosia: when an area in the right temporal lobe is damaged the person has prosopagnoisa, they lose the ability to recognize faces although they can still see them: measuring the senses, psychophysics: a field in psychology. they study the relationship between the attributes of the physical world and our psychological experience of them: absolute threshold: even when our senses can detect physical stimulation, these stimulations need to be strong.